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Do you remember when all the websites around used to have guestbooks? That was before all ads and links to porn sites and Viagra-sellers started to spam them…

Here’s some of the more noteworthy guestbook-entries on the old website from 1998 t0 2000 for you to enjoy! Mostly in english, one in swedish and two in norwegian.

I especially like the one from a Tonbridge Angels-supporter who was looking for directions to the ground i 1998!


04/26/00 12:18:18
Name: paulb

Emma Young – and proud you should be – I played (briefly !) alongside Doug in the ’70s on Sunady mornings in Brentwood & he was a cut above everybody else. It was a pity he was plagued by injury – I didn’t see him much at Billericay, but when I did he alw ys looked very skillful – You just don’t see players with individual skill at all these days (last one was Bill Goldstone) & the game’s poorer for it. Shame he never ‘made the big time’ – wrong place/wrong time. But what an honour to appear at Wembers AND score a hat trick – something money can’t buy. Wish him all the best. Nice to see another x2 good wins over the weekend – at last we’re playing some good team footy. Let’s keep it going till the end of the season.

04/25/00 15:17:02
Name: Emma Young

Just writing to tell you that you have made my dads day!! I am the daughter of Doug Young, and seeing him mentioned on the website has cheered him up no end. He absolutely loves football and Billericay Town, and it is such a shame that he had to give up laying after being scouted by Tottenham when they discovered that he had bad hips. I think this was the lowest point in his life when he realised he would never play football again, and since then he has had 3 hip operations. Football is his life, and alw ays will be and I just want to say thank you for making his day! If you ever want info on Billericay Town from the 70’s or that wonderful FA Vase Final when my dad scored a hatrick, I will be more than happy to supply information on behalf of my dad-we hav e enough scrapbooks and videos!! I am so proud of my dad and I’m sure all you Billericay supporters are too. Long live the Blues!!

01/01/00 16:47:43
I’ll guess that it’s only those norwegians who are crazy enough to make a site like this!

10/29/99 16:59:30
Name: kevin corbett

Finally found your website: Ex‹town player from the 70’s now living in the U.S.A. would love to hear from any ex players or officials from that time (John Newman was the manager) meanwhile…UP THE TOWN!

04/15/99 00:24:14
Name: Sidney Swan

By my reckoning your supporters’ club has been going for almost exactly a year now. Completely daft, but utterly wonderful. In the last week I’ve travelled 700 miles for the sake of my team (Walton & Hersham – STAYING in the Premier), but that doesn’t co mpare with you nutters! My ‘other’ team is Cambridge United, who had Adekola for a short time a few years ago. He was then supposed to be going to Cologne, but is now the scourge of the Swans as he often seems to score against us. We won’t let you beat us twice next season… Well done and keep up the good work.

02/17/99 17:47:46
Name: Nick Godwin

I showed my uncle (Dick Ashton) the picture of him from 1957 which appears in your Pictures section and he loved it. He tells me Dennis Fisher (bottom left) played outside right and was at one time on Chelsea’s books. Also, top right Reg Whittaker was the left back. Riley was the centre half and captain. Sadly over the years he has lost or thrown out any photos he may have had, but he says he will think about writing something. bye for now

09/23/98 13:23:26
Engelsk favorittlag (utenom Billericay!): Tonbridge!

I don’t believe this – there I am looking for the location of the ground and I find you in Norway. Anyway, we’ll be there in many numbers October 3rd – but what is the address of the ground??

03/01/98 15:05:37
Hvor bor du?: Karmøy
Engelsk favorittlag (utenom Billericay!): Newcastle United Norsk favorittlag: FK Haugesund

Tøff klubb!! Håper klubben rykker opp 100 ganger på rad slik at klubben kan spille i premier league. Jeg er interressert i Engelsk fotball og jeg har i lang tid prøvd å finne ut hvordan divisjonssystemene er men har ikke greid det enda. Det er først når en kommer til non_ league det begynner å bli innviklet for der er det så mange divisjoner. Hadet!

02/21/98 13:35:36
Name: Peter Åhlen
My Email: Email Me Hvor bor du?: Gävle, Sverige
Engelsk favorittlag (utenom Billericay!): Kettering Town

Fick tips av Tord Bohlin att denna sida var mycket bra. Han hade rätt. Kul att se att det finns ett genuint intresse för non-league klubbarna i Norden. Jag tror fler och fler blir tröttnar på den pening-galna Premiership.

02/15/98 23:39:30
Name: Guy Yates
Hvor bor du?: Tokyo?
Engelsk favorittlag (utenom Billericay!): Billericay and Leyton Orient

Not sure if I filled in the fields correctly – Norwegian is not my strongest language! At least I can get the results from your site quicker than the BTFC equivalent site. I assume we beat Abingdon 1-0? I shall explore more of the site later – but from initial viewings it looks pretty comprehensive even though I don’t know what most of the words mean! Regards Guy

02/06/98 14:02:16
Name: Stian
Hvor bor du?: Oslo Engelsk favorittlag (utenom Billericay!): Arsenal
Norsk favorittlag: Vålerenga

Jøss, ikke ofte man ser overambisiøst fyllerør materialisere seg på denne måten. Flott resultat. Litt mer usikker på ideen…

01/31/98 15:03:37
Name: Tor Stabell
Hvor bor du?: Lørenskog,Norge
Engelsk favorittlag (utenom Billericay!): Manchester United Norsk favorittlag: Lillestrøm

Hallo ! Bra side dette her. Fornuftig at noen fremmer lag nede i divisjonene. heia Billericay.

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